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Week review (11.07.22-16.07.22)

Briefly about the main events that took place this week (11.07.22-16.07.22) in the world of NFT:

1. EKTA to tokenize the commercial property development.

2. Polarys develops an end-to-end platform.

3. High school athletes to design and sell NFT trading cards at VerifiedInk NFT platform.

4. FFC is preparing to launch their first NFT collection.

5. Polygon to accommodate homeless NFT and crypto projects.

6. Hacker drained out more than 1,300 ETH from Lender Omni.

7. myNFT marketplace raises $7M.

8. Three Arrows aimed to raise $100 million.

9. Johnny Depp donates proceeds from NFT sale to charity.

10. MetaWin announces Moonbirds tournament with 26ETH NFT prize.

11. NBA All-Star Bam Adebayo joins Black is Beautiful NFT collection.

12. GameStop announced the long-awaited debut of its online marketplace.

13. Princess Charlene releases an NFT art collection.

14. Mars to turn M&Ms into NFTs.

15. MetaBoy #4522 has a $2.1 billion asking price.

16. Netflix announces Stranger Things NFT collection.

17. Samsung Next invests in move-to-earn NFT game.

18. Animoca raises $75M.

19. Tencent’s SEA music app JOOX launched an NFT gallery.

20. Illuminati to provide a successful mechanism for unlimited NFT Farming and Token Auto-Staking.

21. InfiniteWorld releases "NFT Grade".

22. JCI North District announces NFT campaign.

23. Italian government bans NFT sales by museums.

24. CryptoPunk sells for $2.6M.

25. Ducati to launch NFT with Ripple blockchain.

26. Polygon joins Disney’s ‘Accelerator Program’.

27. GenZeroes NFT film launches 9,000 card packs.

28. Court in Singapore enjoins transfer of ownership of Bored Ape NFT.

29. GameStop’s Ethereum NFT sales dwarf Coinbase NFT in two days.

30. UK court allows serving legal documents via NFTs.

31. Shanghai supports 'leading companies to explore building NFT exchanges'.

32. Michelle Obama's inaugural dress is now available as NFT.

33. Japan's rarest whiskey to be auctioned as NFT for $75,000.

34. Bill Murray's biographical NFT project set to be premiered by Coinbase.

35. NFT twist is latest development in saga of contested ‘Leonardo’ painting hidden in a Swiss vault.

36. Supermojo NFT platform raises $6 million.

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