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DecentWorld releases MysteryBox


DecentWorld, a metaverse platform offering users the ability to acquire and trade digital real estate Assets, continues to expand on its early successes. Last week the platform introduced the release to their community by giving an early announcement on Instagram about their newest launch: the MysteryBox—an exciting feature which enables users to win exclusive digital Street NFTs for a fraction of their value.

DecentWorld, which only launched in March 2022, has already made a name for itself for providing long-term value to users; by building a replica of our globe with digital copies of almost every street in the world, the platform stands out as a purveyor of quality content. With the addition of the MysteryBox system, virtual real estate enthusiasts will be able to generate even more value, and create an impressive digital portfolio.

MysteryBoxes are a familiar concept to the internet community, however, the value of their contents has often been a subject of contention. Whilst some sellers choose to play hardball and charge more than the actual value of the box, DecentWorld’s creators assure that there are no tricks involved, and say that every spin on their platform is a win.

“DecentWorld is a long-term value focused project, therefore we want anything we do to create value for our users. MysteryBox is a unique opportunity to win exclusive Street NFTs for a fraction of their value, and the best part is – you cannot lose, as every Street is worth either the same amount or more than the price of the MysterBox itself”

The project’s team

Each MysteryBox costs as little as $10), however the Street NFTs inside them have price tags ranging anywhere between $10 to hundreds of American dollars–which one a user unlocks depends entirely on their luck.

Virtual Streets on DecentWorld are classified into four different categories, depending on the status of their real-world locations. The more prominent or prestigious a street is in the physical world, the higher its ranking, and thus the more valuable it is in the DecentWorld metaverse.

Currently, the geo-based Map of DecentWorld features 18.5 million Streets – all copies of their real world counterparts made available as NFTs. So far, the total sales of Street NFTs have reached $19 million.

In similar news for the platform, DecentWorld is gearing up to launch Collections – sets of themed virtual Assets that bring users on playful journeys and generate yield. Digital Streets collected via MysterBoxes will surely be useful additions for users looking to complete and stake Collections as quickly as possible.

“Collections will now become the most valuable digital Asset on DecentWorld because, just like an antique china set, it is worth more once it is fully assembled. More than that, each Collection will serve as a stand-alone NFT that generates yield regardless of ownership. The quicker you assemble and stake your Collection, the quicker the yield will come; having a solid portfolio of NFT Assets will be an advantage for sure”

The project’s team

The team confirms there will be hundreds of city themed Collections, which will vary in terms of complexity and value. There will be four levels available: Basic, Standard, Premium & Elite, which will generate different yields.

The creators of the rapidly developing platform note that this is just the beginning. In later stages of the project, users will be able to trade their NFT Assets on DecentWorld’s P2P marketplace with users from around the globe. Another exciting addition will be the launch of a 3D immersive environment that will excite true metaverse connoisseurs.


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