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BNV Announces M3TALOVE Collection Public Mint, the Breathtaking NFT Collaboration Between Weinsanto and LIGHTSUM


BNV (Brand New Vision), the company pioneering a new fashion ecosystem in the metaverse, has announced that the public NFT mint of the M3TALOVE collection, is now available for purchase using a digital wallet as well as credit card payment.

The collaboration between BNV, Weinsanto, the Parisian fashion designer and LIGHTSUM, the K-Pop girl band, was first announced back in September 2022. The M3TALOVE collection was unveiled shortly after during an exclusive event following Weinsanto’s fashion show that opened Paris Fashion Week September 2022.

The six outfits that make up the M3TALOVE collection can be purchased exclusively from bnv.me via crypto wallets and credit card, as part of BNV’s wider mission to improve the accessibility of wearables in the metaverse.

The sale marks one of the first NFT collections in collaboration with a K-Pop artist that will be available for anyone to purchase. The utilities, attached to each of the M3TALOVE NFTs purchased, include exclusive digital and real-life benefits from all collaborative parties involved in the project and the full list of over 20 exclusive benefits can be viewed here.

Utility highlights include:

  • Exclusive access to LIGHTSUM’s concert in the Metaverse performing exclusive new music
  • An exclusive 15-minute virtual meeting with LIGHTSUM via Zoom
  • Front row seats to a future house of Weinsanto fashion show, followed by a backstage designer meet and greet experience with the ability to gift to someone else
  • A pair of Weinsanto designed M3TALOVE glasses airdropped to all holders that will be available to wear across metaverse platforms
  • M3TALOVE NFT holders will be able to entre BNV’s exclusive channel on Discord and claim free FA$H Cred that can be used across BNV's ecosystem as loyalty points. The amount of FA$H Cred granted will depend on the rarity level of the NFT held by the use
  • In partnership with KWorld Magazine, each holder will be entered into a draw to receive a one year (6 issues) magazine subscription (two subscriptions available)

Commenting on the sale of the M3TALOVE NFT collection Richard Hobbs, BNV Founder and CEO said:

“We are incredibly excited that the M3TALOVE collection will now be available to purchase. This collaboration has been one of BNV’s most complex projects to date and it has been a privilege to work with Weinsanto and LIGHTSUM to create six beautiful and unique pieces of digital art.

We look forward to people being able to experience wearing these outfits in the metaverse, that will enable people to not only better express themselves in the virtual world, but also, offer the opportunity for people to connect with their favourite artists and designers in a way that’s not been possible before.

BNV is building a new ecosystem for digital fashion and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience for our team to be able to unite music, fashion and the latest technology into a very special collection of digital assets”

For further information on the collection and details on each of the NFTs that are available, please visit the BNV website.

To keep up to date with the latest updates on this collaboration alongside BNV’s other NFT drops, follow @bnv.me on Instagram and visit www.bnv.me for more information and news.


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